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Palam vihar gurgaon guitar branch taught barre chords

Pleasure to inform you that Mr Kapil Srivastava, founder of Guitarmonk has made a guest visit at our Gurgaon Guitar School and covered special session about barre chords on guitar.

He at Palam vihar gurgaon guitar branch taught barre chords in a very profound manner wherein he has covered various eye-opening concepts with live demo and entertainment in between. Happy to have him at our center.

The brief of the session is being shared with you to study viz.:

What is Bar or Barre position?

Palam vihar gurgaon guitar branch taught barre chords partial

Barre Position Partial

Barre chords are chords that use only one finger, usually your first finger, to press all the strings down at once on a single fret. It is also making your 1st finger a moving or movable capo. This position helps you to take numerous chords and positions.

Fluent Barre Position is an achievement for a Guitarist...

Ability to take Barre Positions is reaching

Palam vihar gurgaon guitar branch taught barre chords full

Barre Position Full

next level for any guitarist so if you are able to take fluent Barre movements, you can congratulate yourself and it’s time to celebrate because you become a Level # 2 guitarist. You are no longer an amateur or absolute beginner in Guitar.

Fluent Barre movements enrich your playability and music…

If you are able to take barre chords, you can add richness to your playing. And your next step professional step can be to accompany musicians and build your repertoire with lots of rhythms and background chords. You can imagine yourself playing guitar chords and rhythms for hours to an artist and also (if required) earning through that.

You can use this knowledge as a breakthrough in your guitar career or good guitar development, with the help of a professional mentor to reach newer heights and achievements in guitar.

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Happy Learning!