Guitar Courses

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Guitar Courses at GGS

Students can opt from the following Guitar Courses at Gurgaon Guitar School
Hobby Guitar Learning
  • Complete Guitar Beginner’s Program [RECOMMENDED] /10 Months 
  • Introductory Program | 1.5 Months
  • Complete Guitar Program – II [INTERMEDIATE] /10 Months 
  • Complete Guitar Program – III [ADVANCED] /10 Months 
Professional Guitar Programs
  • Diploma in Guitar / 3 Years 
Genre/Subject Based Programs
  • Western Classical Beginner’s Program /10 Months
  • Ragas on Guitar /10 Months 
  • Indian Folk Music /10 Months 
  • Bass Guitar /3 Months 
  • Staff Notations, International Music Language/10 Months 

Apply for Music Career Counselling

All above courses are certificate based and comprises of student’s test, performance based on the program) after completion of the program.

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